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High quality, interactive training
in the ancient healing arts of Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Meditation

Tai Chi

Yin Cheng Disciple Long Tuo humbly continues the lineage of Great Master Wang Pei Sheng and strictly adheres to Great Master Wang's disciplined teachings of the Wu Style Tai Chi form.

Qi Gong

An ancient practice of energy cultivation requiring the integration of Mind & Body, Palm Beach Tai Chi's unique Qi Gong provides the practitioner quick and powerful results.


Palm Beach Tai Chi integrates ancient Nei Gong 'Inwards Training' principles with Traditional Chinese Medicine in our unique meditation practice.


Nourish your mind, body & spirit in just 15 minutes a day using the ancient healing arts of Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Meditation

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"Bill teaches only the authentic principles of Tai Chi, which is truly a blessing to encounter these days. You will realize the depth, richness, and truth of the teachings even in your first class. I highly recommend his class for all aspects of physical and mental health, and it can even facilitate spiritual growth for all"

Matt Jones
Fort Collins, CO

"As a new student to this discipline, I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate benefits and wellness felt after completing numerous weeks of Bill's meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi class. He is an excellent teacher...well versed, patient, knowledgeable, and relaxed. I will highly recommend it to everyone."

West Palm Beach, FL

"Bill, your deep knowledge of the subject matter, your sincerity and your caring attitude towards your students show in each and every class. I am blessed to have you as my teacher."

San Francisco, CA

"I absolutely enjoyed Bill Betts' Tai Chi classes when I lived in Florida. He is calm, patient, clear and helps students learn with ease. I'm hoping to return to Florida again in the near future, and I'll look forward to classes with you again, Bill!"

Carol Cannon
Macungie, PA

"I’ve been looking for someone like you for awhile now. I’m a over-the-road truck driver and it’s kinda hard to attend a brick and mortar school so this is just perfect for me. I just went through several of your videos and they are excellent! I look forward to the upcoming lessons."


"Wow, your website really blows me away! There is so much content, so many videos, it’s simply amazing. I especially like the live classes but the fact that they are recorded for replay later is great with my hectic schedule. Thanks again for this wonderful service"

Victoria, Canada

"I LOVE being able to watch and follow along Tai Chi on my iPad !!!!"

Atlanta, GA

William Betts

Yin Cheng Disciple Long Tuo

My mission is to share the message of holistic health and self healing that pervades the ancient arts of Tai Chi & Qi Gong. I've healed myself from numerous so called "chronic / incurable" conditions and have helped many others do the same. Let me help you in your journey towards better health. Let me help you elevate the health of your Mind, Body & Spirit.

More About William

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